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Visitors to Leesville, Louisiana will find themselves travelling back in time, surrounded by incredible historic structures, landmarks, museums and restoration sites throughout the city.
Since its creation in 1871, Leesville has developed through various means, from its timber and logging industries to its connection to Fort Polk’s military training base nearby. Today, visitors can wander amidst old streets and buildings, and discover the stories of Leesville’s rich and vibrant past. Here are just a few of our favourite places to check out during your stay:

Historic Downtown Leesville

Centred around Third Street, Leesville’s Historic Downtown District offers a well preserved glimpse of Louisiana from the 18 and 1900’s. Many buildings which still operate today can be viewed on a leisurely walking tour, from the Smart Plantation Home (built in 1855, the oldest house in Leesville) to the white-columned Vernon Parish Courthouse. There are plenty of art exhibits, music and festivals throughout the year to enjoy in this rich, historical district.

Museum of West Louisiana

Located just a few minutes away from our hotel, the Museum of West Louisiana can be found in the Leesville Kansas City Southern Depot building. Since its origins in 1916 until 1968, the depot served as a key transportation centre for the Kansas City Southern railroad. Today, it’s home to an impressive collection of historical buildings, logging and railroad exhibits, artifacts and artwork for visitors to explore.

Museum of The New Llano Colony

Founded in 1917 as a socialist colony, the New Llanno Colony spent over 20 years pushing America as a whole for better working conditions, employee treatment and developing their own co-operative economy. Though the colony did eventually fall apart, it was still incredibly self-sufficient for its time, and the longest lasting of its kind in America. The museum offers an interesting glimpse into the local history of their efforts and artifacts.
No matter where you go in Leesville, Louisiana, you’re sure to stumble upon a building, street or exhibit with immense historical significance. Browse the local museums, wander the streets, or check out a local art exhibit for a taste of our city’s colourful past. Need somewhere to stay? SureStay Hotel Leesville is just a few minutes drive from all these great attractions and more. For a great night’s sleep in our clean and comfortable rooms, book your stay with us today!