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It’s always exciting to plan a vacation or mini trip away somewhere. If you’ve got a sense of adventure and go with an open mind, then you’ll always have a fun and memorable time. However, there is a problem when it comes to deciding where to go: there are so many options. While the bright lights of the big city often get most of the attention when it comes to choosing where to go, we think that there’s value in visiting the more off the beaten path locations, such as Woodville. Below, we take a look at three reasons why you might decide to visit us here in Texas.

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Source: Oziel Gomez

It’s historic

Looking to find a bit of history during your vacation? You’ll find it in Woodville. Not only does this corner of Texas have a rich history, but much of it is also preserved, too. Take a trip to the Heritage Village Museum and you’ll discover just what it was like to be living in the 1800s. Fun for the whole family and educational too.

It’s beautiful

You’ll also be able to enjoy the beautiful outdoors when you visit Woodville. Big Thicket National Preserve is just a short journey away from town. It’s a wondrous place to hike, kayak, bird-watch, or simply surround yourself with the great outdoors. Explore the incredible biodiversity of this protected habitat, home to nine different ecosystems.

You can live well

Finally, there’s the chance to live well and that also means eating well. There are plenty of great restaurants in Woodville offering a hearty meal, so make sure you bring a big appetite! 

You can round off your trip by staying at the best hotel in Woodville. At the Stagecoach Inn Woodville, you’ll have everything you need to fully enjoy your stay. We offer a number of room types, so you have many well-appointed accommodations to choose from, and you’ll have access to amenities that include a complimentary breakfast, outdoor pool, and high-speed internet.