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It’s always fun to take a trip to Woodville. Whether you’re coming for business or pleasure, you’ll find that you’re always warmly greeted and you'll have many opportunities to have a good time. There will be plenty of activities and events where you can get up, get active, and experience the best of our town. If you’re visiting in the near future, you can look forward to a county celebration, fun outdoor activities, and a trip to our museum where you can learn all about the local history of the area. Check out all you need to know below:

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Local festival fun   

Get ready for one of the most anticipated festivals in the local area: the Tyler County Dogwood Festival, will be taking place over 3 weekends from March through April. The festival is a celebration of the beauty of this East Texas county, the arrival of spring and the Dogwood trees of the region. The annual festivities consist of 3 major events. On the first weekend, March 21 to 22, the Festival of Arts will be centered at the Heritage Village where tours, shows, and exhibitions will draw focus on the cultural heritage and history of Tyler county. The next weekend, March 27 to 28, Woodville will welcome over 2,000 guests that ride in by horseback and wagon to participate in a horsemanship competition, a couple of rodeos, trailrides, and a parade. The last day of the festival, April 4, is known as the Queen's Weekend, where an elegant pageant is held to crown a queen. After the coronation ceremony, there will be a play chronicling the interesting history of Tyler county. The final day will also include a parade, car and motorcycle exhibits, arts and crafts displays, food vendors and more. The event is free to attend. This is a wonderful opportunity to become immersed in the rich traditions of Woodville.

Heritage museum

You may be visiting Woodville in the 21st century, but do you wonder what life was like in the pioneer days? Then wonder no more! At the Heritage Village Museum, you’ll have a chance to experience the city's historical origins by strolling among the collections of buildings that have been laid out as a frontier town dating from the 1840s through to the 1920s. There will be exhibits and artifacts, each with a fascinating story behind them, and spinning and weaving workshops. To lend authenticity to the settings, there are even re-enactments of daily life from this by-gone era. During your visit, you'll also be able to enjoy some of the best homestyle meals in Texas, at the world-famous Pickett House Restaurant. Experience Woodville's history right before your eyes at the Heritage Village Museum!

Into the outdoors

Finally, if you prefer to venture to the great outdoors and get in touch with nature, Steinhagen Lake is your ideal getway. There are 2 campgrounds open year-round, with convenient amenities to make your camp-out comfortable, even if you're "roughing-it". This outdoor haven has the facilities for many activities such as fishing, boating, hiking, cycling, wildlife watching, and hunting. 

Woodville is a town that not only offers beauty, charm and Southern hospitality, it also has an abundance of history and culture which is celebrated annually through elaborately planned events. As a visitor, you are welcome to participate in these festivities. While you're taking in the history and rich culture of the region, consider a stay at the Stagecoach Inn, where you're in the heart of it all, while enjoying well-appointed and superbly comfortable accommodations. You'll be right at home with impressive hotel amenities such as free high-speed internet, air conditioning, an outdoor pool, complimentary Continental breakfast served daily and much more. Book your stay with us today!